With all the whiz-bang paleo diet recipes out there it’s a good idea before you start whipping up a batch to think about what makes a good paleo recipe?

The two critical pieces of paleo diet food:

First and foremost, the ingredients have to be paleo.

Second, the ingredients should be few, simple, and high quality. Lastly, the recipe should produce fantastic tasting food.

The folks over at Paleo Treats™ do a pretty good job of this, check out the ingredients on one of their paleo cookies, the Cacao Now:

paleo diet approved recipe ingredients, honey, cacao butter, almonds, raisins, caco, pistachios and goji berries

As you can see, there’s not much to it; some honey, some coconut oil, a few types of nuts, some cacao powder, and goji berries. All superfoods of some type, all totally Paleo (with the caveat of limited quantity) and a fantastic taste.

The secret to it is sticking to the principles: paleo ingredients, just a few of ’em, and all of the highest quality. You can do it, get into that kitchen or out on the grill and start mixing it up!

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