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First off, what is a paleo cookie?  A paleo cookie is any sweet lil’ nugget of joy that is made out of Paleo ingredients.  The trick is getting it to taste awesome, and not “healthy.”  In order to do that, you can do one of two things:

Work super hard and make a ton of different paleo cookie recipes you find on the ‘net, making and re-making and tweaking and tasting and varying bake times and all the rest of those things that go into paleo cookie perfection…


You can buy paleo cookies made by folks who’ve already done all that hard work for you.  It’ll be slightly cheaper, probably faster, and they’re guaranteed (by Paleo Treats™ anyway) to taste phenomenal.

Now, there are only a few paleo dessert companies out there to start with, and being owned by Paleo Treats™ we’re kinda partial to their products, so we’d recommend you start with them.  Click here to be delivered to their website, and enjoy the phenom desserts they put out.

Paleo Treats™



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