You found us because you’re looking for awesome paleo desserts.  We found you because we know where to find ’em.

With the explosion of the Paleo diet we’ve also seen an explosion of recipes and offerings that are, well, sub par.  We’ve made a bunch of these recipes in our quest for really good tasting paleo cookies and found that it’s hit or miss with a lot of them.

That’s not a ding on the really good ones out there, and believe me, there are plenty of really good paleo recipes on the ‘net.  It’s just that, well, there’s no nice way to say it: When the hordes come swooping in, quality usually goes down.  It’s held true for everything else out there, from cars to computers to cell phones, and cookies, especially paleo cookies, are no exception.

Luckily there’s one company out there holding the line and still making damnably delicious paleo cookies like they have since 2009.  They’re hell bent on strict quality, phenomenal taste, and complete adherence to the Paleo diet (at least in their cookies.)  The company’s name is Paleo Treats, it’s run by Nik & Lee, and not only do they have the best paleo desserts and cookies on the planet, they are totally committed to amazing customer service.

That combo; superb quality, total paleo adherence, and phenomenal customer service is the bedrock of building a world class paleo cookie, and they’ve done it not once, but four times so far with a fifth (the Bandito) on the near horizon.

Making paleo desserts may not make the news as much as say, world peace or the latest intelligence leaks, but as you know, dinner, a really good dinner, isn’t complete without dessert.  Now, be careful with this concept (I can hear the howling start already), because we’re not saying that dessert is essential to every meal, or even every dinner.  We’re just saying that from our own experience eating Paleo we LOVE when we can have our pasture centered grassfed organic etc meat and veggies finished off with an equally tasty and appropriate dessert that won’t make us feel terrible the next day.

We’re a part of the Paleo Treats wolfpack, and we proudly send folks over to them for the best damn paleo desserts on the planet.  Click on over and get some!

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