Incredibly smooth and rich taste not usually found within Paleo, this almond butter bar is the closest thing to ecstasy we can bake! Creamy buttery nutty goodness, this lil’ fella melts in your mouth from straight out of the freezer. A cross between paleo granola and a sweet snack bar, this is like paleo candy. Enjoy!

Paleo Treats uses NO stabilizers, NO preservatives, NO synthetic stick-around junk; these are pure whole food desserts made from Paleo ingredients.

ATTENTION: Cacao Now, Mustang Bars, and Banditos are not baked products and WILL melt in temps above 75 degrees. Please check the warm weather shipping option if you will take delivery in a place with daytime temps over 80 degrees.



Serv size: 1 Cookie (51g), Amount per Serving: Calories: 290, Fat Cal: 220, Total Fat:25g (38% DV), Sat Fat: 9g (45% DV), Trans Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 75mg (3% DV), Total Carb: 15g (5% DV), Dietary Fiber: 3g (12% DV), Sugars: 9g, Protein: 7g, Vit A: (0% DV); Vit C: (0% DV), Calcium: (6% DV), Iron: (8% DV). Percent Daily Value (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Manufactured in a facility that produces products that contain wheat, soy, eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

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