Paleo Brownies: The Brownie Bomb

They don’t call it The Bomb for nothing!

paleo browniesWelcome to our review of the Paleo Treats™ Brownie Bomb.  With each review we take into consideration and rate taste, texture, paleo-ness, price, packaging, ease of purchase, and include pictures of each one so you know what they look like.

As the name says, this thing is the Bomb!  Made by the folks over at Paleo Treats™, this is a great example of a product made by a company who cares.  We’ve been eating lots of paleo cookies and desserts for an awfully long time, and these things are the top when it comes to Paleo brownies!


These things taste awesome!  With a smooth and rich flavor, sweet with honey and still super dark chocolatey they totally satisfy the crave for sweet stuff that we get from time to time.  Paleo Treats™ managed to nail this thing with really good brownie taste.


These paleo brownies fall apart at room temp, they are super crumbly!  With that said, it’s probably because they’re Paleo, with stabilizers or preservatives added.  We found that by following the directions that came with the package and eating them straight out of the freezer gives them a super smooth texture, much better this way!


This thing is about as Paleo as a dessert can get, with the following two caveats:  One, it does list honey as an ingredient.  I know some of you eschew sweets in any form, so if that’s the case just sit back and enjoy your steaks.  Two, it is baked, so if you’re a raw-Paleo junkie than again, enjoy your (raw) steak.


At $4.85 a pop these things aren’t exactly cheap, but at the same time, Paleo foods are usually more expensive than “regular” foods.  As a once in a while treat these are a great option.


Each of these are individually packaged, so they’re really easy to take with you.  They can get smushed pretty easily, but still taste great.  Probably not the best option of river-running, but perfect for bringing in to the fridge at work.  Just clearly label it so no low down son of a bitch “accidentally” takes it.

Ease of Purchase

We didn’t have problem purchasing these.  You can get insulated shipping if you live in a hot place, and anywhere in California ships the same day.  Pick some up here.