Gluten free cookies: Eat responsibly!

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Gluten free cookies are not a main course! Let’s start with the elephant in the room: Gluten free cookies should NOT make up a huge part of your diet! They’re called desserts (and not steak and salad) for a reason!  Don’t be a knucklehead and think that just because something says “Paleo” or “Gluten free” […]

Desserts for the caveman diet

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The caveman diet requires calculus. What is so damnably important about going back 10,000 years to be guided by the caveman diet and lifestyle?  It can’t be the filth, danger, and unprotected sex, can it? Actually, yes.  What we’re finding out is that dirt (or filth if you want to be dramatic) is actually an […]

What makes for a great paleo diet recipe?


With all the whiz-bang paleo diet recipes out there it’s a good idea before you start whipping up a batch to think about what makes a good paleo recipe? The two critical pieces of paleo diet food: First and foremost, the ingredients have to be paleo. Second, the ingredients should be few, simple, and high […]

What Paleo sweeteners are OK?

Generally considered, the only acceptable sweetener is honey, although some folks are OK with maple syrup.  The difference between the two is that honey in its raw state is good to go for making any kind of Paleo dessert, whereas maple syrup needs to be processed (boiled down, in this case) before it actually tastes […]

Welcome, Paleo cookie seeker!

Welcome to Paleo cookies, a great place to find info on anything sweet ‘n paleo. First off, what is a paleo cookie?  A paleo cookie is any sweet lil’ nugget of joy that is made out of Paleo ingredients.  The trick is getting it to taste awesome, and not “healthy.”  In order to do that, […]